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Matrix Mania 1.0

Matrix Mania is a customizable 3D screensaver with "The Matrix" theme
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Matrix Mania is a customizable 3D screensaver, which includes a great variety of themes related to the famous movie "The Matrix". I personally didn't like any, but you should try it and see for yourself. At least if you don't like any of the available themes, you can include your own photos or images by simply indicating the path to them. They will appear inside the theme of your choice creating an interesting effect as if you were flying through a gallery of images.

Apart from the theme, you can also customize the density, speed, and quality of images. The worse quality you choose, the more pictures you will be able to include. You can use the unregistered version for an unlimited period of time but it will display a message offering to buy the program whenever you launch it. I'm sure the lovers of the Matrix movie are going to love this screensaver, but I would definitely not because there are better screensavers out there for free. There's nothing special about it, and it is not even the first screensaver with the Matrix movie theme.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • 14 themes to choose from
  • You can include your own images
  • Rendering effect


  • High cost for such poor content
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